Dental compressor parts: for long lasting life

Not many people would say that dental compressor parts are essential for longevity!

They say that teeth last longer than the person they serve eventually; that is of course if they have been well maintained.  So many people lose their teeth through accident, through not caring for their teeth as they should and contracting gum disease and sometimes simply by having been smacked in the gob one too many times.  It is obviously a necessity to care for your teeth or you will lose them, and as sure as for the rest of the human skeleton your teeth should amongst the last things to rot!

An air compressor, suitable for the dental medicine field, kept in tip-top condition by dental compressor parts will, of course, eventually serve the cause of good dental health in communities throughout the nation.  Silent compressors which dispense clean air are an absolute must for any medical environment whether it is researching in laboratories or delivering services in surgeries.  BAMBI have developed an excellent range of silent compressors suitable for such environments, low on noise, low on vibration, and very clean in operation.  These compressors, and dental compressor parts, are unobtrusive and will fit the discrete atmosphere invoked in dental labs and surgeries and the clinical conditions necessary for effective dental research and practice.

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Compressor fittings: for the work in hand.

Every piece of equipment needs proper fittings to ensure it works properly, and compressor fittings enable compressor units to function and so they are just as intrinsic as the power they channel.  There is no doubt that we can’t do without them.

In almost every industry, home, workplace, public building, airport, and shopping mall, indeed, everywhere in the world, except possibly the deep blue sea, we need fittings of some sort. Carpets need fittings that hold them in place and curtains need curtain rings, curtain poles and screws to make sure they hang at our windows.  Motor cars, buses and trucks need an endless array of fittings of one kind or another to make sure the wheels go round and planes need unbreakable and secure fittings to hold them together at high altitudes and under extreme pressure.  Compressor fittings need similar robust and secure qualities to ensure compression units and air tools can emit optimum performance and not break down.  For the work in hand, good compressor fittings are a complete necessity.

Have a look through these web pages for all the compressor fittings that you require. If you need any help, just call and we will be on hand to give all the advice and guidance you need.

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Are Claims About Nitrogen Tire Inflation Just Hot Air?

ST. LOUIS,  Mo. (KMOX) – Race cars use pure nitrogen in their tires for better handling and other reasons.

Now tire shops are trying to sell it to improve your ride to work.

But is it worth the cost?

Proponents of nitrogen tire inflation say compressed air can contain moisture that may eventually damage tire components and your wheels.

Plus they argue the fatter nitrogen molecule has less change of escaping the material in tires so they claim it will improve your fuel economy and ride.

Websites advocating its use include testimonials from trucking companies who say nitrogen tyre inflators has saved hundreds of dollars a month for their fleets.

We asked the host of KMOX’s Auto Show Greg Damon, Manager of Sant Automotive in Crestwood, Missouri about the science of it.

“When your tires heat up, that pressure will sustain the same pressure equally verses compressed air which will fluctuate a little bit,” explains Damon, but he says he’s never seen real scientific evidence that’s it’s not going to leak out of your passenger tires at the same rate as regular air.

And while compressed air is free, by some reports nitrogen tire inflation can cost three, ten, and even thirty dollars per tire.

Damon says while high performance racers use it, for your commute every morning in the family car you’re probably not going to notice a difference.  “It’s not going to provide you with a better ride, it’s not going to provide you with better handling.”  And on another claim proponents of nitrogen tire inflation make, “and I think this is kind of comical.  There’s some folks that say you’re going to get better fuel economy because the nitrogen is actually a lighter gas than the oxygen, but if you kind of figure it all out, you’re talking less than an ounce for all four tires.”

When it comes to moisture in compressed air, Damon says many shops have equipment to remove most of it.

The bottom line for Damon:  “Is it worth it, does it provide you with benefits that you can see.  Probably not.”

Plus Damon says if your tires do lose pressure, you may not be able to find a shop immediately that can refill you with nitrogen, and you’ll have to pay to have them purged and refilled if you want nitrogen again.

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Compressor servicing: a saving of money and time.

Compressor servicing can save you time and money; yet it is often a thing that is passed over. Even large industrial concerns will waive the annual health check on equipment with the aim of saving on the budget. All too often this is a mistake. Compressor equipment in continual use all too often encounters problems that a simply annual check up would have prevented.  A little like foregoing your annual boiler service and its fan suddenly grinding to a halt when you least expect it. Just like servicing your boiler, compressor servicing will protect you against such crises.

Unforeseen breakdowns are the bane of work men and women every day. Without regular servicing  trucks may break down in the middle of delivering an important cargo, ploughs may halt whilst digging furrows  for crop cultivation, ships may stop on our oceans, buses may delay their passengers and generally we would be in a mess.  Happily compressor servicing will mean your compressor will weather most of the snags and snarls likely to arise inside its operating systems. So your business, body shop, industrial plant, repair floor or laboratory will run smoothly and meet the required output at the end of each day.

If you are approaching the time of year when compressor servicingneeds to be booked into the diary, don’t hesitate, you know it makes sense.

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Petrol air compressor: no cause to fight.

Both a positive and a negative petrol causes a great deal of conflict.  In its crude state, oil has started wars and been the subject of peace treaties,  and just as it has been the ruination of local communities it has enriched communities also.  Petrol in the right hands has many benefits and in the wrong hands it has many evils.   Petrol in a petrol air compressor is a very useful thing indeed.

Instead of causing bloodshed and hatred over oilfields and whose territory they are in, a la Sudan, or triggering a political feud over which company should bring up the oil from under the sea bed, the petrol in a petrol air compressor is not the subject of any fight.  Most industrialists are pleased and thankful that an air compressor can be driven by petrol as it broadens the options within work places.  More adaptable than many compressors, a petrol air compressor can be moved very easily as they are often smaller and more compact than others.  Running on oil makes this compressor a smooth operator and very quiet at the same time.  They can function just as efficiently inside as outside, and are worth the investment. Contact Air Supplies through these pages or by telephone and we can help you choose the right one.

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Vertical compressor: straight as a die

“As straight as a die!” a saying said by many about the people they know. A compliment – if you will – about a person who doesn’t lie and who says it like it is! This person calls a spade a spade and won’t dress-up anything to look like something that it isn’t.  Sometimes this person is uncomfortable to be around but nonetheless this person is a friend you would trust to speak the truth even when you don’t want to hear it and a friend to whom you can turn in moments of crisis.

Well a vertical compressor does not quite talk but it is straight up and down and very reliable when you need it; and is as good as a straight talking friend any day.  You will find it dependable, and trustworthy, and an efficient supplier of your compression needs.

In manufacturing or industrial environments where space is not plentiful the vertical compressor comes into its own. It takes up less space than other compressors and allows other equipment to be installed without problems.  A vertical compressor will not move around easily or quickly so should be invested in where there is no need for portability or flexibility; just like your staunch and dependable friend.

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Record fuel prices needn’t add ‘pressure’ to motorists

Record fuel prices needn’t add ‘pressure’ to motorists

Published 7th March 2012

While beleaguered UK motorists are now paying on average a staggering 144.67p per litre for diesel, higher than the previous record during last year’s ‘Arab Spring’, and according to industry analysts a new high of 137.44p per litre for unleaded petrol, it needn’t be all doom and gloom.

TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, points out that apart from improved safety and the reduced risk of experiencing a dangerous blowout, correctly inflated tyres provide lower running costs. This is because the rolling resistance of an under-inflated tyre increases meaning that a bigger force or more energy is needed to make it turn.

Indeed, calculations from one TyreSafe member show that when tyres are under-inflated by just 20 per cent (around 6psi), 3 per cent more fuel is used. It was recently estimated that in the UK as much as £337 million of fuel is wasted each year as a result of driving on under-inflated tyres.

What’s more when driving on under-inflated tyres, the tyre’s contact patch with the road surface is reduced to two smaller areas towards the outer edges of the tread. Not only does this reduce safety but also cuts tyre life significantly.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “Not only are correct tyre pressures essential from a road safety perspective, they are also very important for lower fuel bills, longer tyre life and reduced CO2 emissions. Checking pressures is a quick and easy job and should be done at least once a month or before a long journey.”

TyreSafe also point out that correct wheel alignment can also help reduce fuel bills further. By ensuring that the tyres all point in the correct direction, any scrubbing action with the road surface can be minimised, further improving fuel efficiency and reducing tyre wear.

Correct pressures for your car can be found in the driver’s handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or on a plate on the drvier’s door sill. Inflate your car tyres using a compressor. TyreSafe has also developed a free iPhone app and online database where drivers simply need to input their registration details to receive their correct pressure details.

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